Noise Survey – Occupational

Federal noise regulations (OSHA and MSHA) require the evaluation of potential noise hazards in the workplace every two years or sooner if changes take place such as addition of new equipment, building modifications, or a change in the duration of exposures due to changes in work hours. Therefore, the purpose of obtaining this survey is to evaluate the hazardous levels of noise at your facility which are at or above OSHA’s Action Level (85 dB TWA 8 Hours).

Noise Survey – Environmental

Environmental noise assessments depend on many factors. The particular facility or equipment being evaluated as well as those requirements outlined by city, state or federal regulations. Day and night time measurements are available. We specialize in home owner residential noise issues as well as industrial complexes. This may involve the assessment of rail, road and aircraft noise issues. All assessments comply with applicable guidelines. We strive to provide solutions for all those involved.