Consultant audiological services are provided for all aspects of occupational and environmental noise and hearing conservation. According to federal noise regulations the key elements of an occupational Hearing Conservation Program are as follows:      

1.   Establish a written Corporate Policy.

2.   Identify a Program Manager.

3.   Write detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

4.   Accomplish Noise Surveys to evaluate the work environment.

5.   Notify employees in writing within 21 days (OSHA) or 10 days (MSHA).

6.   Post the areas (violations, OSHA Log, Federal Standards).

7.   Implement engineering and/or administration controls.

8.   Provide and fit Hearing Protection Devices (HPD).

9.   Establish and schedule a uniformly enforced compliance program.

10. Administer required audiometric testing.

11. Refer problem audiograms to an audiologist and/or physician.

12. Schedule classes to educate and motivate employees.

13. Provide accurate and complete recordkeeping.

14. Perform appropriate follow-up.