Audiogram Interpretation

For every Hearing Conservation Program, federal noise regulations require that an audiologist or physician be assigned as the program’s “professional supervisor.” According to OSHA regulations, the professional supervisor is responsible for:

  • Supervising the hearing testing portion of the Hearing Conservation Program.
  • Conducting professional review of all audiograms.
  • Determining if the identified hearing loss (Standard Threshold Shift) is work-related.
  • Overseeing the follow-up of work-related hearing loss.
  • Managing the program’s audiometric database.

We provide audiogram interpretation of all hearing test results (baseline, annual, retests, and follow-up). These exams may be obtained in-house or by our mobile van. Appropriate recommendations are made by a board certified audiologist. Our reports of the hearing test results are professional, comprehensive, easy to understand and meet all related regulatory requirements. Recommendations concerning STS revision, medical referrals and OSHA or MSHA recordability are clearly identified. Priority is placed on timely responses with emphasis on clinical accuracy and appropriate regulatory compliance. Our reports meet recordkeeping requirements and simplify the employee notification process. A yearly trend analysis and an evaluation of the program’s effectiveness are also available.

  • Consultant services provided by a board certified and licensed audiologist.
  • Meets OSHA, MSHA and Federal Railroad Administration requirements.
  • Timely comprehensive consultant reports are provided with comparative hearing test results, specific recommendations and trend analysis.
  • All audiograms individually interpreted not simply computer-generated findings.
  • Following audiogram interpretation, determination of STS and work-related, recordable hearing losses are clearly identified.
  • Recommendations concerning appropriate medical referral and follow-up are provided.

To obtain audiogram interpretation, which is a graphical representation of a person’s auditory sensitivity to sound, for OSHA or MSHA compliance please call Precision Hearing Conservation toll-free: (800) 357-5759.