Welcome to Precision Hearing Conservation

Precision Hearing Conservation is a nation-wide, professional consultant firm specializing in occupational and environmental noise and hearing conservation. Dr John Elmore established Precision Hearing in 1997 and serves as its principal consultant. He is a board certified audiologist with over 40 years of civilian and military (USAF Ret Lt. Col.) experience. In addition, all of Precision’s staff members are CAOHC certified with an extensive level of experience. Precision Hearing specializes in providing professional assistance to manufacturing, medical, mining and government agencies in the following areas:

Register for a CAOHC class

registernowTo obtain or renew your certification from the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation.

  • On-site mobile hearing testing
  • Hearing examination interpretation (recordable hearing loss)
  • Determination of STS and work-related hearing loss
  • Occupational Noise Surveys (Workplace noise measurements)
  • Federal and state noise regulation compliance (OSHA, MSHA, etc)
  • CAOHC certification training
  • Required employee annual training
  • Acoustical engineering controls
  • Hearing test database management
  • Custom earplugs
  • Expert testimony
  • Environmental noise surveys